Most Romantic Places For Wedding Photos In Chicago

A Wedding is one of the greatest chapters in a person’s life and definitely one of the most memorable events that one can reminisce through photos and videos that are kept as memories. Not just photos to look back but great ones that will cause you to turn back to that wonderful moment with the feeling that comes with it. But finding the the most romantic place that will suit your unique preference is very tedious and time-consuming, especially if you don’t have enough time to do it.

If you are looking at the best place, and you are in Chicago, you are at the right page and at the right time reading this blog, because this is going to help you big time, and will totally save you a lot of time looking out for the best place to communicate how you feel about your wedding. Remember, you want your wedding to be remembered well, so you can’t afford not to go the extra mile for the most romantic places where your photo shoot can be taken place.

Here are 5 of the most romantic places you can find in Chicago (in no particular rank) where you can indulge in to achieve the most dramatic wedding photos you could ever have in your lifetime. Aside from the fact that Chicago is a great place for this kind of photoshoot because of its famous spots, these places are also close to each other that which could permit you to go on a variety of locations to acquire your best photos.

Millennium Park

Wonderful wedding phtos in Millennium Park, Chicago
For the locals of Chicago, they called the iconic spot as “The Bean” where this piece of sculpture attracts photographers to do some really unique and memorable shots that provide clear reflection. If you prefer to have a flowery background, you may go straight to Lurie Garden and strike your best pose.

Buckingham Fountain

Wedding photography in Buckingham fountain Chicago
This famous Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park can be your ideal background if you are thinking of a bit grander wedding photographs. The Fountain is the perfect spot if you want to convey a little sophistication in your photos. The Buckingham Fountain is one of the largest in the world, so you are opt to really look at the perfect angle for your most romantic shots.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park in Chicago is a fantastic place to have a wedding

If you are a certified animal lover and you want some rare animals to be a part of your background in your wedding photos, the Lincoln Park Zoo can be the most appropriate spot for you. The wildlife area is located near a waterfall where you can get some ideal photos with a touch of romance with which you can be serenaded with the refreshing sound of water falling.