Mary & Gilbert’s Elopement in Chicago

I got such a great time photographing this beautiful wedding couple, Maria & Gilberto.

They choose to get married in Chicago City hall on March 17, 2017.

It was a pleasure to be there with them. Later, we went to the Trump Hotel International where they stayed for a short vacation and we took a few adorable photos there:

Maria kissing Gilbert

Maria saying Yes

first kiss

happy wedding couple

happy bride

wedding couple outside of the city hall

Maria & Gilberto

holding hands

the ring

wedding shoes

by the Chicago Theater

Maria & Gilbert in Chicago

getting married in the city

selfie time

walking together

Maria & Gilbert at their hotel

Maria as a bride

kiss by the window

wedding couple kissing by the window

Gilbert as a groom

Maria & Gilbert as a wedding couple

holding each other

happy wedding couple

Maria & Gilberto kissing

beautiful Maria smiling

groom looking at the bride

husband and wife sitting at the hotel room

silly couple

the bride

the groom

Maria Eugenia

wedding couple walking

love birds

wedding couple staying at the Trump Hotel

Get Married in Chicago City Hall!

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WEDDING COUPLE: Maria Eugenia Hernandez & Gilberto Velasco
Chicago City Hall
Trump Hotel International
Elopement in Chicago 2017