Cari’s surprise b-day party at City Winery, Chicago, IL

This is how Cari, her family and friends celebrated her 40-th b-day

Happy B-day once agin girl and thank you for inviting us to document your special day :_)


City Winery 2017

Cari's family

Cari's brother and mother

Cari's brother and his wife

Cari's friends

Cari's mother

Cari's b-day party

Cari's party

surprise party

friends of Carie

girlfriends at City Winery

couple at City Winery

couple at the surprise party

b-day girl with her husband

Brian & Cari


surprise b-day party

lady at the City Winery

friends with Cari

couple at Cari's b-day

friends talking

husband and wife at City Winery

Cari's b-day party

family talk

Jennifer with her husband

welcoming friends at City Winery

family celebrating Cari's b-day

friends chatting at City Winery

couple's fun at City Winery

Cari is having fun

friends are talking

friends at City Winery

violinist at City Winery


friend will be friends

girlfriends at City Winery

Nikki and her boyfriend

Cari and violinists

friends hugging

cari's b-day cake

friends at City Winery

couple at City Winery Party

Spoken Four

Spoken Four at City Winery

Bryan and Cari close

dancing at City Winery

friends and family celebrating Cari's b-day

friends and family celebrating Cari's b-day

Cari's b-day at City Winery

Spoken Four girl

Spoken Four solist

man dancing at City Winery

girlfriends having fun

friends having fun at City Winery

friends close

Cari is dancing

couple dancing at City Winery

Carie & Jen

friends listening to Spoken Four

couples dancing

Cari & Bryan

Cari & Bryan with friends

parents dancing at City Winery

friends holding each other

sweet couple

man at City Winery



Cari’s 40-th B-Day Party

Event Photography 2017
Location: City Winery
1200 W. Randolf St, Chicago, IL 60607
Photography: Patrycja Zak

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