We always talk about how two people opposite in nature to each other form the best couples. It is not about completing the other person, but complementing to bring out the best in both.
A wedding is simply the celebration of being together with all those differences. Like the sun and moon, or the day and night, individual and inspiring on their own. But without one, the other loses the oomph.
What happens if two such personas, one from Venus and other from Mars work together to do wedding photography in Chicago? It brings the whole universe together.
Wondering where are we going with this? Nowhere! We are just trying to express how beautiful it is to capture the moments together, which mean everything to people in it. Just like that sweet couple, where the guy loves to crack jokes and the girl likes to laugh her breath out.
She loves to ride the bike to feel the wind in her hair, and he loves to race to beat the wind itself.
He would plan, generate the ideas and then work the ways. She would just get up and clap, ”Let’s do it right now!”
She loves to see the sun going down peacefully, with all that magnificence, after a successful day, and he likes to devour the sight of sunrise that comes with hope, possibilities and a new day! Despite all these differences, there are things that are common in them.
They both love Chicago, eating veggies, Google and being with each other! That is why they love to be wedding photographers in Chicago, indeed!
No matter what occasion it is to capture, a wedding, a child’s birth or simply a family get-together, the pictures become stories when the photographers are able to feel everything related to those.
She loves to play with kids, and he loves to photograph her doing so!
That is how the newborn photography or even maternity photo-shoots turn to a divine experience.
Again, she loves to frame every little detail a wedding includes, and he loves to be in the weddings to eat all those carefully selected food!
They do not just be the wedding photographers in Chicago, getting the job done.
They live the moments, with all their love for the occasions and their togetherness in this.
If she is the soul, spirit and heart, he would be the man armed with his mind.
That is how it works, that is how the moments get meanings.
Everyone loves a love story and being in it. It is only because, in a perfect love story of Patrycja and Tom, everything is breathtaking, balanced and beautiful.
The photography for them is not only a profession. It is a part of their love story that they live together. That is why, everything they do as professional photographers in Chicago, turns to be a surreal experience.
They are here to be a part of your precious experiences as well, to make it a page of their love story, where differences make it stronger, since they cannot be apart in their journey, neither in their passion for photography!\