Best Wedding Photographers: There are many weddings every year in Chicago. Statistics show that wedding budgets are growing and wedding industry is in its peak.

That is why there are many Chicago wedding:

  • Photographers
  • Catering agencies
  • Bridal shops
  • Wedding agents and
  • Decorators

Get it done right with the best wedding photographers

But when the choice is too big people always get confused. If you are having a wedding you should start the preparation right now. The best Chicago wedding photographers, venues and catering agencies are often booked for many months ahead.

Wedding doesn’t mean wasting money

Every couple should start planning their wedding early because if you rush everything at the last moment there could be mistakes. You cannot let mistakes ruin your special day. If you have decided when you are going to get married, set a budget. Statistics say the average wedding budget in US is between $20,000 and $25,000. Most money is spent on honeymoon vacation and venue. Here is a tip: you could choose to get married in January-March and that could save you a lot of money.


wedding in autumn
If you plan your wedding between October and April- you will save some money.

Popular wedding months

Most desirable months for weddings are May-September. After you set a budget, book a venue, choose the catering agency and then start looking for good and proven Chicago wedding photographers. The hard part is choosing the right photographers. Although there are many professionals you should make a research, ask friends or go online to find referrals and reviews. These days most of the companies have profiles in social media and that makes it easier to find reviews and opinions from clients. Chicago wedding photographers are very important for every wedding. They are the people who capture the spirit and emotions of your wedding day and make these moments eternal. Every couple wants to have wedding pictures and enjoy them. These days it is even easier to collect pictures because they can be kept as digital files and stored in your computer. Also digital pictures are easy to share with your friends and followers. Of course you can have your pictures in both digital and paper formats. Chicago wedding photographers work with professional high quality equipment and they make sure your happy wedding moments are documented.

Wedding photographers in Chicago

Let say you have already chosen Chicago wedding photographers. Let them know more about you. You could present yourselves and share your story. If you want the photographers to capture your spirit and the concept of your wedding you should tell them about your characters. Every couple is built by different individuals but together they are complimenting each other. Professional photographers can tell a story only with photos. They can even show the bride and groom’s love with one single picture. Make sure your Chicago wedding photographers are professionals and check their portfolio because the wedding day is one of the most special days in a life time.


photo of wedding in chicago, taken by experienced wedding photographer
The good photographer will capture all the precious moments of your wedding.
Booking a wedding photographer in Chicago

If you haven’t booked a Chicago wedding photographers you can call Good Time Photography. We are a professional and reliable photography agency in Chicago and our goal is to satisfy our clients wishes. We will make sure every single smile in your wedding day is captured in a photo. Good time Photography has rich experience and portfolio. If you want to meet with us just make an appointment or write us an email.

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