Elopement in Chicago don’t always need to be at City Hall. Want to get married by the Lake Michigan? On a boat? At the park? On a rooftop? We can make it happen. All you need is an officiant, one witness (not necessary) and the photographer of course……
We can help you with all of this and document every moment of it.

Good Time Photography will provide up to 6 hours of photography for special your day. The photographer will capture your wedding or elopement experience before, during, and after the ceremony at your wedding location.
The photography session will include candid shots are well as a professional portraiture. Our photography style is photojournalism with a splash of traditional wedding poses. You get the best of both worlds.
The photographs will be provided to you in a memory flash send it to you via mail.

Your Investment

It’s our mission to accommodate as much as we can to your budget and to ultimately exceed all your expectations.
We currently have three different packages that we offer to make your Intimate Wedding Ceremony & Elopement in Chicago City unforgettable:

Intimate Wedding & Elopement Package – $900 (Most Popular)

  • up to 4 Hours of Photography
  • Assistance with choosing your wedding location
  • Recommendations for any other vendors (wedding officiant, florist, make-up artist), hotels, restaurants or anything else we can help with!
  • memory flash with 200+ professionally retouched images in high resolution
  • 3 preview images emailed or posted to Facebook within 48 hours of the wedding or elopement so you can break the news!

Deluxe Wedding & Elopement Package – $1,300

  • up to 6 hours Photography
  • Recommendations for any other vendors (wedding officiant, florist, make-up artist), hotels, restaurants or anything else we can help with!
  • Bottle of Champagne
  • memory flash with 350+ professionally retouched images in high resolution
  • Video Slideshow of your images
  • 3 preview images emailed or posted to Facebook within 48 hours of the wedding or elopement so you can break the news!

Our budget friendly package – $500

  • up to 2 hours of photography
  • Recommendations for any other vendors (wedding officiant, florist, make-up artist), hotels, restaurants or anything else we can help with!
  • memory flash with 100+ professionally retouched images in high resolution
  • 3 preview images emailed or posted to Facebook within 48 hours of the wedding or elopement so you can break the news!




Small elopement or huge wedding, a bride wants to look good! Do I know any talented make-up artist and hair stylist? O yeah!

It’s a great idea to hire a make-up artist and/or hair stylist to take care of you. Every bride (and groom to) deserves to be pampered as she sips champagne on her big day! Plus, professional make-up and hair will make the photos that much better. I work with the best stylists in the industry and I’m happy to introduce you. I can promise that you will look and feel like a rock-star.
Anna Figlewicz
Mela Moczybroda


What about a flowers?

There are soooo many amazing florists in this city. But, of course, that makes it all the more challenging to find the perfect one! I have a list of the best florists I have worked with and trust. I’d love to send you some names.


Music is the key to the heart. Thinking about having someone play your favorite song?
I love me some good tunes. I’ve worked with, and can recommend to you singers, songwriters, harpists, violinists, pianist, guitar players and a barbershop quartet. I’m confident we can find the right musician for you.

The Phoenix Process


Getting married at City Hall

If you’re looking to get married in City Hall, here are a few things you should know about the process.
First, you and your spouse to be must obtain a marriage license at the City Clerk’s Office at least 24 hours before your ceremony, and it will remain valid for 60 days.
The cost of a license is $60 plus you have to pay $10 before the ceremony (cash only)
There are two rooms where they perform ceremonies that can fit approximately 15 people.
  • Where is City Hall?

Marriage and Civil Union Court
119 West Randolph Street, Lower Level
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Phone: (312) 603-5660
Hours: 9 a.m. – 12 noon, Monday through Friday
2 p.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday
9 a.m. – 12 p.m., Saturday
Closed on Sunday and court holidays
No appointments accepted.
At Marriage and Civil Union Court, couples are joined in marriage or civil union by a Cook County judge.
A valid marriage or civil union license and a $10.00 administrative fee are required.
Couples should arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to closing.
For information on purchasing a marriage or civil union license, or to receive a certified copy of your marriage or civil union license, please call the Cook County Clerk’s Office, Office of Vital Records at (312) 603-5664. You may also visit the Office of Vital Records website at www.cookcountyclerk.com/vitalrecords.
A marriage or civil union ceremony cannot be performed without a valid license.
  • Requirements:

At the time of the ceremony, couples must:
  • Present a valid marriage or civil union license. Licenses must be at least one (1) day old, but no more than 60 days old, and
  • Pay a $10.00 cash only court fee.
Witnesses are not necessary.
Cameras are allowed.
  • Who can attend:

Couples are welcome to invite up to 15 family members and friends to observe their ceremony in Marriage and Civil Union Court at 119 West Randolph Street.
  • Where do I obtain a marriage or civil union license?

Marriage and civil union licenses may be purchased at the Cook County Clerk’s Bureau of Vital Records, Marriage Division.
Call (312) 603-5664 or go to www.cookcountyclerk.com/vitalrecords/marriagelicenses for office locations.
  • Where can I obtain an official marriage or civil union certificate?

You may purchase a certified copy of your certificate from the Cook County Clerk’s Bureau of Vital Records.
Call (312) 603-7793 or visit www.cookcountyclerk.com/vitalrecords/marriagecertificates for office locations.
Wanna get married somewhere else? We can help you there too…
There are so many options when it comes to eloping in Chicago. With respect to private property and local businesses, there are an array of locations to choose from for your wedding ceremony. All you need is an officiant registered with the City Clerk’s Office (we can help you with that), a witness, and a marriage license. Some city parks and areas require permits, but we can help point you in the right direction to have everything sorted out before your big day.
  • What do you I love about shooting elopements?

I’m a sucker for love stories. Elope in Chicago…there is nothing better. I enjoy the connections I make with my couples. Finding out who they truly are and capturing their unique story is what I love the most about this work. That is probably one of the reasons I’m still in contact with most of my couples and why some of them became amazing friends whom I photographed many times after they got married. With elopements I feel we can make this connection much better because there isn’t a huge wedding in the way! Elopements are intimate and I like that very much. They make for some of the most genuine photographs.
  • How long before our elopement you should contact us?

What about right now?!
I only take a limited amount of traditional weddings a year, so please contact me as soon as you nail down your date. Elopements are a little more flexible so if you give me about 2-3 months notice chances are that I can get you in. But, hey, if you decided today to elope tomorrow it’s worth giving me a call…maybe I’m available!
  • Out-of-towners? Need a dreamy ceremony location? No problem!

I have a long list with amazing ceremony locations that range from UNIQUE and FUN to simply ROMANTIC. Chicago is a amazing city! There are thousands of great locations! Together we can narrow it down and find the one spot that is just right for you. What your type of style? Classic? Traditional? Retro/Vintage? Urban? Modern? Nature? Artistic?
  • Getting married makes people happy and hungry. Wanna go eat?

Ah, one of my favorite topics. I love to eat! This city is a food-lover’s paradise and you can have a full culinary experience within a few blocks. Tell me what you crave and I’ll recommend some of my favorite restaurants. And if you would like to talk in a little more detail about Chi-town restaurants and their food and cocktails, I will make sure to have some more time for you.
  • How long until we can see our photos?

I know, I know. The most exciting day in your life and now you have to wait for the images! I always try to blog some of my favorite shots shortly after the wedding. Your entire session will be ready, depending on the season, about 60 business days after your wedding day. Most times you will see them faster than that, though.
  • Will you be our witness?

Aw, I would be honored to be your witness. Thanks for asking! Just let me know beforehand so I can bring my ID and some champagne if you drink.
  • I am real Chicagoan?

I am! Well, at least I feel like one. Even though I wasn’t born in Chicago (I’m from Poland), I have been living here for over 12 years now. I work here, I met my partner here, we had our boy here (which, by the way, makes my step son a REAL Chicagoan) and I love bagels with cream cheese and Nathan’s hot dogs. I am blue line user (train). I LOVE running, biking, live music, theater, also pizza and lakefront….. who can resist the pretty blue waters and sandy beaches? I got accent… and who doesn’t here?

I think that qualifies me to call myself a Chicagoan. I feel blessed to live here! I really do!
  • Do you need some help with all the papers and licenses you need?
    I can help!

All the paperwork can be overwhelming. I’m happy to help and give advice. I promise, it is not as tricky as you might think it is.
  • Even though you are foreigners?

I’m a “foreigner” myself remember? So yes, I definitely can help. And if I don’t have the answer for you right away I will do the research.
  • Why Good Time Photography? Why am I so immensely helpful?

I’m not saying I will plan the wedding for you but I will definitely help you to do that, give tips, and point you in the right direction.

Patrycja with Good Time Photography