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Eloping in Chicago.

Eloping is not telling anyone or making any specific arrangements for your wedding, but choosing to have a small non-traditional wedding with your partner in a different part of the state or country.

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What to consider for eloping event.

There are lots of things to consider when planning to elope to Chicago such as the timeline in terms of applying for a marriage license, booking a time/date, getting an officiant and photography.

Photographs are essential to your wedding as they a means to save happy moments of your elopement which can bring back happy memories that can be shared with others.

Eloping should and can be a wonderful affair, and we aim to assist you in Eloping in Style so that you will have treasured Memories of the entire experience.

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Offers the ideal shoot that is perfect for individuals that are planning on (or thinking about) Eloping in Chicago! We all know how nerve-racking making wedding plans can be, so if the romance of eloping in Chicago is appealing to you, then I know you’ll love this elegant wedding for two, shot by professional photographers. We offer everything from creativity, styling and decorations to give your elopement that wonderful and serene atmosphere that we are known to deliver on.

Elopement ceremonies in Chicago

Whether you plan on making this a weekend trip or a day trip, you can make arrangement by telephone prior to your arrival. You can choose the venue for your photo shoots or have us decide on the perfect location for creating any type of wedding you you’ve ever wished for.
You can plan to Elope in advance, or choose to elope the day after you collect your Wedding License. Whichever choice you make, we are ready to accommodate and make this as dazzling, gorgeous, and romantic as ever for you and make certain you have as many photographs as possible to cherish.

Elopement package

This Elopement package is for the Bride and Groom that want to be married in the Chicago area. You can choose a location of your own or have us choose for you the best location that suits your budget and still be a beautiful affair. See above for “Chicago’s most favorite elopement locations“.

Our package includes rental and decoration of venue to be used (you can decorate yourself if you so wish), officiant, photographer, music and lots more. For a full wedding day package we can start with you from documenting your preparations right up to retiring for the day. Our pictures speak for themselves and to family and friends who weren’t present; your amazing time in Chicago will be an easy experience to relive.
We create photos that bring smiles to your faces at all times and trust that whenever you come back you will experience the same waves of joy and happiness you felt when you first eloped to Chicago.

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Eloping In Chicago – A Basic Guide for Young Couples

The pressure of planning and having a big wedding is always immense. However, eloping is a perfect solution to this. A lot of couples these days prefer elopement to the hectic big wedding ceremonies that take so much time to plan. Eloping however has its own challenges and even though it’s a simple way to have a memorable and personal wedding, you still need to plan it accordingly. In case you are thinking of eloping in Chicago in the near future, we have prepared a simple guide to help you get it done as effectively as possible.

Step 1: Keep Everything a Secret

The main purpose of eloping for many couples is to have a small private wedding. Well, if you want to keep the elopement intact then you may want to limit the people you tell about it. Getting married is definitely big news and sometimes it may be difficult to resist the temptation of letting the world know. But it is important to keep your elopement plans a secret. This will make it easy for you to organize a quick, simple and private wedding without too much stress.

Step 2: Decide Whether Eloping Is Really What You Want

A majority of people envision a great wedding somewhere in the future. Besides, every woman dreams of a big wedding so it is important to be certain that eloping is what you really want. The decision of eloping to Chicago should be made by both the bride and the groom. Eloping has its advantages but let’s face it, not many people would be ready to sacrifice their dream of a big and elegant wedding. In that case, before you make any plans make sure you have discussed the matter with your partner.Elopement has its pros and cons and the decision to elope or not will be based on what both you and your partner want for your wedding.

Step 3: Choose a Location

The idea of eloping in a far away city is quite exciting and it is always advisable to pick a location as soon as possible. Chicago is one of the best places to elope to. There are so many great places to get married in Chicago(see our guide above) and besides, you can easily access reliable wedding services within the city. The best destination for elopement is determined by a number of factors. However, make sure you go for a destination that you really like.

Step 4: Check Elopement Packages

Wedding planners in different cities have unique elopement packages that are designed to provide an easy route to getting married for couples looking for a simple and private wedding. Typically, an elopement package consists of everything you need for the wedding including a wedding photographer, an officiant, a planner, a florist, a wedding venue and everything else you need. Different packages however come with different features. Make sure you’ve assessed all the available packages in the elopement destination and decide which one suit you best.

Step 5: Set a Date

Although eloping is supposed to be random and private, you will need to set a date in advance. When it comes to eloping in Chicago any day of the week will do. However, most couples may prefer to elope on the weekend. Whichever the case, setting a date earlier helps you to plan for everything. It is advisable to actually select an elopement date as soon as you’ve booked an elopement package. Don’t also forget to get the elopement dresses. After all, it’s a wedding and no wedding is ever complete without the wedding dress.

Step 6: Inform A Few Friends

Well, an elope wedding is not something many friends and family will approve but even then, it doesn’t hurt to invite one or two close family members or friends to the event. However, this should be done after everything is set. The last thing you want is someone to talk you out of an elopement wedding after spending days planning it. Elopement weddings don’t really need a lot of guests in fact, if you can get just two or three close friends and family you will be good to go.

Step 7: Go Get Married

After all the planning and the hiding it’s time to run away and get married. Remember the sooner you get this done the better. It is important to always keep in touch with your planner to ensure there is no change of plans. Additionally, you may also want to take a few days after the wedding to enjoy a small honeymoon. Should you decide to elope to Chicago, there are so many romantic places you can enjoy a quiet and mind blowing honeymoon in the city. Either way, eloping is just not about the wedding, you still need to take a few days for the honeymoon before getting back home.

Step 8: Organize A Small Ceremony With Family And Friends

Eloping in Chicago goes a long way in helping couples avoid the stress of planning a grand wedding. In that case, as soon as you’ve eloped with your partner you should organize a small party for your family and friends just to let them know you are a married man or woman. This is however not a wedding reception. It’s just a small ceremony to break the news to your family. Think of it as a thanksgiving dinner and that’s it.

Elopement has become central in wedding planning these days especially for young couples. Planning a wedding is not easy and it is understandable if you decide to go for a small and secret elopement wedding in a city of your choice. Planning is however key to success in any elopement. Choosing the elopement destination and the elopement package may seem simple enough compared to planning a big wedding but always take caution before settling on anything.

The simple guide above should really come handy for many couples planning to elope in Chicago or in any other city for that matter.

Best of luck with your Eloping!

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I still can't believe the beautiful pictures she took at our wedding. Every time I look at them I am awed by her skill!
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Patrycja is awesome! She comes in, sets up the equipment and before you realize she is taking great shots of everyone making you look like a model.
Best wedding pictures I've ever seen! I'm so happy they I picked them to be a part of my wedding day. Very professional and creative
I just wanted to thank Patrycja @ Good Time Photography for make my wedding day that much more special. For working with me and my husband and capturing such amazing pictures