Family Portrait Photography – Every family should have a portrait photography. This is the “must do” when a new family member appears. Family is the most precious thing we have.

But sometimes family portrait photography is not an easy job. Especially when the family has many members and everybody should make arrangements to their schedules.

If you are going to do a family portrait photography here are some tips:

1. Choose the place where you want to do the family portrait photography

It can be outdoor or indoor. In both cases the background is very important. If you choose outside you should be sure the weather is good and predictable and all the family members can come in time.

2. If you are doing the family photography portrait for a special occasion or holiday you could turn it to a themed photo.

Buy some accessories and make a dress code for everybody. It could be very fun to match clothing or stay in front of the camera in costumes. Even if you are not going for a special theme it is good to coordinate your clothing. For example if everybody is wearing black the picture will be not that exciting.

3. Arrange people properly

It is very important to arrange people properly so the composition of the photography is natural and calm. For better results try different arrangements and find out which one is most convenient.

4. A big mistake that some people make when posing for a family portrait photography is that they all smile unnaturally and look uncomfortable and fake.

The feeling that the picture shows should be more friendly and happy. Let kids be themselves and let the family members show their individualities. The emotion is everything. Another key point is to pose people the most flattering way for them. Everybody wants to look good in a picture and there are many techniques and tricks that help. Sometimes the family members have good suggestions for interesting poses. Also you could use different angles. Be creative if you want an extraordinary picture.

5. Be careful with lighting

It is good to know the best time to take a picture outside. If the weather is good all day most of the photographers recommend to do the photo shoot evenings 1-2 hours before dusk. Professionals know much about the nature of light and shadows. Your family portrait photography should have a good and pleasant light.

6. Special effects and Photoshop

Well, it is a common practice and most times successful but if you are going to use effects and make changes be careful. This is a family portrait photography and its main purpose is to look real.

It is a complicated process and if you don’t have the competences you should leave the work to professional photographers. They can arrange and guide the whole process. Plus they have a lot of experience and will make the photography with a high quality. But don’t forget the most important thing is to have fun because it will show.