Patrycja and Tom
We have a team of passionate and lovely people to handle your wedding photography. Every member of our staff is carefully selected to ensure maximum quality in service delivery. Our staff is headed by lead photographers Patrycja Żak & Tom Dębicki.

Patrycja Zak
Patrycja Zak is a passionate and highly experienced wedding photographer. Patrycja has served couples in Chicago with professional wedding photography for quite sometime and she is actually one of the most respected local talents. With a strong personality, outstanding enthusiasm and an artistic touch, Patrycja makes every photo a work of art that captures a heartwarming memory. Her extensive knowledge of wedding photography coupled with a unique skill set makes Patrycja a world class talent in wedding photography and she is always available to help you capture your big day in amazing ways. She is one of the brains and pioneers of our Chicago wedding photography service.

Tom Dębicki
Tom Dębicki is also a core member of our team. The photographer is a locally recognized talent and has been in professional wedding photography for the best part of his life. Tom is uniquely important to our services because of his amazing instincts in taking wedding shots. Other than that, the photographer also adds to the experience we already have and provides leadership on the whole team. Besides, Tom always goes the extra mile to make couples happy and you will definitely have a great time working with this wedding photography guru. For the years he has been working on the Chicago wedding photography space, Tom has produced exclusive masterpieces and his works in capturing special wedding moments will dazzle you.
Quality wedding photography in Chicago is the most important thing for us and as you can see, we have the right people to deliver impeccable wedding photography services anytime and anywhere in and around the city of Chicago. Tom’s latest update is that he has applied for Membership at the Professional Photographers of America (PPA)