There is so much that goes on during a wedding. The flowers, the food, the gathering and the glamour are some of the things that make wedding ceremonies really worth remembering. However, a lot of couples these days prefer small and private gatherings where the vows and the couples are the only things that really matter. This is where Elope Chicago weddings come handy. Eloping packages allows you to have a small and unique wedding and here are 10 genuine reasons why you should elope:

  1. Cost

One of the major reasons why people elope is to save on the big wedding. On average, an ordinary wedding in the US can cost as much as $30,000 and there are so many people who will consider this a colossal expense. In that case, eloping offers a simple way to save and still get married in a special and private wedding. Elopement packages cost as low as $3,000 so it’s a big saving if you are worried about the cost.

  1. Time Constraints

Planning a wedding can take months and sometimes this is not even enough. The time it takes to create a wedding plan and execute it needs someone who is committed and free. However, most people may not have that luxury. For instance, if you travel a lot for work or perhaps you are so busy, you may want a wedding that takes as little time as possible. Eloping is a great choice. An elopement wedding can be planned and executed in just a matter of days and you can go back to your day’s job in no time.

  1. Big Weddings Are Just Not For You

Well, this must be something strange but believe me, there are people who just don’t see the sense of having a big wedding. And this is not because they don’t have the money or the time to plan it, but simply because big events make them anxious. Well, if you are that type of person, you can simply elope and save yourself a lot of trouble organizing a big wedding ceremony. An elopement wedding will only need a few people and if you decide to elope in Chicago, then there are some good packages that will guarantee a small and private ceremony.

  1. You Are Not Good At Planning

Planning is not in everyone’s DNA and you know it right from when you are a child. Most of us of course can put together a small wedding plan and execute it but there is so much pressure that comes along. If you feel that for some reason you don’t have the capacity to create a detailed wedding plan and execute it to perfection, then you’d be better off with an elopement ceremony. It is simple, quick and stress free.

  1. Your Relatives Are Crazy

Some people are also not lucky to have understanding relatives. Sometimes they may not even approve of your decisions in life or the man or woman you intend to marry. Additionally, you could be estranged to your relatives for a long time so inviting them to your wedding could actually do more harm than good. Although everyone would definitely want their relatives to be part of their wedding, if it’s too much trouble then eloping would really be nice. This will help you avoid the drama crazy relatives may bring to your wedding.

  1. Big Guest List

If you are planning a wedding and for some reason you fear the guest list could be big, then you will have no choice but to elope. In most cases, the logistics of planning a wedding are determined by the total number of guests expected to show up. If the guest list is big then the planning of the wedding will require more hands on deck. Many couples may not have the capacity to organize such a big wedding and as such, elope Chicago destinations and packages would save the day.

  1. Adventurous

Stepping outside the norm now and then has some satisfaction ring to it in fact, there is no better time to be adventurous than during your wedding day. Instead of going for the traditional grand weddings that everyone else goes for, why not elope and experience the adventure of destination weddings. Don’t get me wrong though, I love big weddings and most of us would never pass on a chance to be part of a grand ceremony, but for the couple, eloping would have its own unique and unforgettable magic.

  1. You Just Want a Unique Wedding

Accommodating the opinions of others in your wedding plans can be a burden. Besides, you can never make everyone happy. Family and friends always tend to have a clear cut opinion on how your wedding should be in fact most of the time, many couples end up having a ceremony that they didn’t actually have in mind. However, if you want a unique wedding just for you, then eloping in Chicago will really give you that.

  1. Your Relatives Don’t Approve Your Relationship

Relationships are tough and finding someone who truly loves you happens like one or two times in a lifetime. However, even though the person you are about to marry is right for you, they may not be right for your family. This is something that happens so often and to be honest, sometimes it’s very difficult for couples to deal with it. To avoid all the drama, eloping is a great option.

  1. Compromise

Compromise during eloping can be achieved in a number of ways. For instance, imagine you and your partner come from different religious and cultural backgrounds where weddings are done in a certain way. Getting over this cultural difference and planning a wedding that will make you both happy is nearly impossible. However, eloping gives you a chance to compromise and get married in a simple way that everyone will enjoy.

Eloping has so many benefits and in Chicago, you can get amazing elopement packages and get married in some of the most iconic and romantic spots in the city.