Elopement and getting married in secret is something a lot of couples are considering seriously. Elopement is simple, easy to plan, and most importantly, it takes away the stress of planning a big wedding ceremony. However, in recent years elopement packages have actually simplified the idea of eloping. Besides, a lot of couples wouldn’t know where to start should they decide to elope. Elopement packages simply take care of everything you need for your secret wedding. The only thing you need to do is pick the right package and everything will be arranged for you. A great elopement wedding depends on how good the elopement packages are and as such, it is important to pick the right packages.

What to Look For In Elopement Packages

Elopement packages are designed to provide all the things a couple would need to get married. However, these packages are not always the same and it is important to know exactly what to look for in every package before making the final decision. Here are some of the most important features that each elopement package should have:


The photography is perhaps the most important part of any elopement. A lot of couples tend to look at an elopement wedding as a ceremony minus the guests. It’s a private moment just the two of you and as such, you need someone to capture every moment. An elopement package should have a great wedding photographer. The coverage should also be reasonable. Ideally, insist on a package that guarantees at least two hours of photography coverage.


Elopement packages should also come with a unique wedding venue where the simple ceremony will take place. In most cases, elopement venues tend to be simple but even then, you still need something a little elegant. Believe me you don’t want to get married in a guest room or something like that. Chicago is one of the most popular places to elope. Getting married in Chicago is quite easy and elopement venues here will take your breath away. In that case, make sure you consider elopement packages from the city.


Weddings and flowers go hand in hand don’t they? When selecting an elopement package, make sure there will be enough flowers to grace the ceremony. In most cases, couples prefer packages that offer a professional florist to set up the venue. This makes it easier for them to just focus on getting married and nothing else. You may find some elopement packages that only offer one vase and one bouquet of flowers. There is nothing wrong with that but you may want to insist on a few extra roses for the venue.


Eloping is simple and quite straightforward but you still need someone to take charge and make sure nothing goes wrong. An elopement package should help you organize the elopement wedding at the set date. Besides, most couples tend to elope in a totally different city and it will be better to arrive at the elopement venue when everything is ready for you to get married. Choosing a package that throws in a planner as part of the deal is highly advisable.

Accommodation for the Bride and the Groom

Well, accommodation is not always a big concern but when you consider that this might be your first night as a married couple, it would be nice to have a great accommodation option at least for the night. Many elopement packages offer accommodation for both the bride and the groom but as newlyweds, try and go for packages that have elegant and to some extent luxurious accommodation. In addition to this, you should also go for packages that come with a romantic dinner in a great restaurant

Officiant or Minister

In order for a wedding to hold it has to be conducted by a legally mandated officiant or minister. There are different variations of wedding officiants in different states. However, when choosing an elopement package you should ensure there is an officiant in place. It’s not easy to find an officiant especially in a new city. Getting an officiant as part of the elopement package will really save you a lot of trouble.

There are of course other additional unique features that you may find in an elopement package but these are simply the basic and the most important ones.

How to Pick an Elopement Package

Choosing the right elopement package depends on a few things. However, the ultimate goal is to have a perfect and memorable elopement and getting a package that ensures this is achieved should be your number one priority. Here are a few simple tips to choose the right elopement packages:

  • Make sure you get everything you need – this often includes a great wedding venue, the photographer, the florist and the accommodation among other things.

  • The costs should be reasonable – different packages cost differently but don’t focus too much on cost. Just go for elopement packages that will make your elopement wedding as easy and as elegant as possible. Sometimes you may need to pay extra for this but it’s worth it.

  • Check widely – don’t go for the very first package you come across. Do your homework. Go online and expand your search, you will love the wide variety of possible options to choose from.

  • Work with your partner – eloping is a big decision and it is important to undertake every step in conjunction with your partner. Whether it’s choosing an elopement package or the elopement destination, make sure the preferences of your partner are considered before any decision is made.

Eloping in Chicago or in any other destination is easy especially with great elopement packages. Young couples today are slowly moving away from the tradition big weddings and elopement is offering a great alternative. If you decide that indeed it’s time to elope with your partner, getting the right elopement package will be central to your plans. In that case, take your time and choose the best package for your wedding.

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